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Couples and Families Counseling.

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Let us tailor a treatment program designed specifically for you and your spouse or partner. Call us for a consultation today at 410-897-1088.
After careful assessment of each couple’s needs, we will develop a practical treatment program that focuses on learning new skills and communication strategies to help you strengthen your relationship and resolve the issues that are causing you to struggle.

Couples Issues Addressed

Communications Skills

Partners are taught how to clearly and assertively communicate important thoughts, feelings and needs in a way that defuses conflict. An important focus is learning to actively listen to each other.

Anger Management

If anger expression is an issue, partners learn to quickly identify anger arousal and to defuse the situation effectively.

Boundary Setting

Each partner is encouraged to set clear boundaries for the behaviors they expect in their relationship as well as behaviors that are unwanted or unacceptable. This is particularly important if hostile or abusive words or actions have begun to occur.

Resolving Differences

Often differences emerge in ideas or solutions to life problems or child-rearing. Couples learn to resolve conflict and mutually problem-solve collaborative solutions in a way that minimizes conflict and leads to successful “win-win” decision-making.

Crafting Vision Statements & Setting Goals

Each partner is encouraged to develop a “vision statement” as to how he or she would like the relationship to be in the immediate and long-term future. Then the couple reconciles these visions into a joint vision statement that guides decisions.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Couples contemplating marriage are encouraged to explore their individual and mutual desires and goals for the future and to learn strategies to communicate effectively with each other.

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We can help you identify your options and tailor a treatment program developed specifically for you.

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We can help you identify your options and tailor a treatment program developed specifically for you.

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