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Joyce L. Nay LCSW-C.

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About Joyce Nay LCSW-C

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I came to this work out of a labor of love and commitment to helping my clients achieve their desired dreams and to cope effectively with life’s many challenges. Having children early and experiencing the pains of divorce, I met the love of my life in 1972, and personally became aware of the need that presents in blending families together anew. Courage, love and perseverance alone may not be enough and thus the need for couples counseling. I find that working with couples in helping them strengthen their marriages and to open the lines of communication to be most essential. Of particular importance today, is the impact blended marriages bring to the relationship, and in our work together, couples are armed with the benefits of communications training and boundary setting tools to enhance their interactive skills and to achieve positive outcomes.

Having clinical social work experience in hospital settings, mental health agencies, and domestic violence settings at the YWCA prior and during my private practice over the past twenty years, I have become deeply aware of the significant stressors that individuals face in their daily life occurrences. These stressors may contribute largely to a physiologic or psychological issue and together we problem solve and facilitate the essential outcomes desired using a cognitive behavioral approach to short-term here-and-now resolution. Also, having worked with older adults and their families in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities over a 10 year period, I understand and know first-hand with my own parents the issues caregivers face and can readily facilitate guidance to caregivers for their loved ones in achieving desired outcomes that present a “win-win” for all involved family members. Using a collaborative approach that preserves individual dignity and self-determination as crucial components of these interactions. In my work with domestic violence, I have a deep commitment to women and to helping strengthen their resolve to achieve their desires and dreams.

Personal Coaching is also offered as an alternative to psychotherapy to address any of the above areas of interest and I have found that many individuals feel at a loss in their career choices and goal direction. To this end, we can work together to achieve your desired career path and objectives.

My pro bono work – a giving back – has been within my faith community heading up to Women’s Ministry and Winter Relief (a temporary church shelter for homeless). Sitting on the Annapolis Area Ministries Board for five-years brought home the need for more shelter and services essential to these unfortunate individuals that have been so impacted by our economic recession. Since 1997 I have contributed one day a week to our Annapolis Light House Shelter guests conducting individual and group psychotherapy to help less fortunate individuals along their life’s journey.


Joyce L. Nay LCSW-C

Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical

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