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Our lives are stressful and complex. Sometimes even overwhelming! We employ short-term and effective approaches to quickly identify life challenges and work with you to craft a treatment plan that is specific and practical, based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-a powerful treatment that challenges unhelpful thinking patterns and teaches new effective behaviors to cope with life’s problems. No “psycho-babble” here!

Issues Addressed

Anxiety Disorders and Stress

Stress and anxiety diminish quality of your life. Muscle tension, gastro-intestinal upset and general inner tension and “nervousness” can roadblock your life’s goals and make each day a challenge. You will learn new ways to identify the beginnings of “fight or flight” arousal and to relax your mind and body while challenging and replacing upsetting thinking patterns (e.g., worrying, catastrophizing, “filtering in” upsetting thoughts) that trigger the anxiety in the first place.


Research indicates that CBT is the treatment of choice for mild and moderate depression and can be as effective as medication. For more serious depression, medication and CBT are usually employed and we make referral to medical colleagues. You will learn to replace negative and unhelpful patterns of thinking that fuel depression and to increase the positive activities of your life (or find new ones) with the encouragement of an understanding therapist.

Anger Management

How is anger and its many faces of expression affecting you, your life partner or a family member? At Annapolis Psychological Associates you will learn a six-step CBT-based program (from Dr. Nay’s Taking Charge of Anger: 2nd Edition,2012) to identify your anger arousal early on so you can reign-in your emotions while challenging and replacing anger-thinking that triggers anger in the first place. You will learn ways of defusing provocative statements and actions while effectively communicating your own needs.

Self Esteem Issues

CBT is the treatment of choice for identifying and replacing unhelpful and negative beliefs about yourself or others that roadblock success in achieving your goals. Changing your inner “script” from thinking that undermines your confidence to positive and rational thinking that opens life’s doors is the focus.

Motivation & Life Goals

You will learn powerful strategies for setting practical goals and implementing motivational strategies to sustain your progress. Thinking “traps” that fuel procrastination will be identified and challenged. In some cases you will learn to write a “vision statement” to guide what you would like your life to achieve in the near-term and over the next five years.

Caregiving & End of Life Issues

We offer support and coping strategies for both caretakers and elderly clients who are facing medical or psychiatric issues. We can help in decision-making regarding best living situation, whether at home or assisted living or in some cases nursing home care and support all family members as life and living changes are occurring while maintaining integrity of our loved ones. Interventions emphasize maintaining individual integrity while achieving desired outcomes.

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We can help you identify your options and tailor a treatment program developed specifically for you.

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We can help you identify your options and tailor a treatment program developed specifically for you.

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